Olivia Angé is an Professor in Anthropology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, from where she holds her PhD. Her leadership of the SeedsValues project builds on long term ethnographic fieldwork in two Andean settings. From 2004 until 2012, she lived in the Argentinean cordillera where she studied the social fabric of barter fairs gathering highland breeders and lowland cultivators. In 2014, she has been granted a Marie-Curie Intra European Fellowship by the European Commission, to investigate the manifold values of potato in a Peruvian site of agrobiodiversity conservation, the Potato Park. She drew on these experiences to elaborate the theoretical approach and methodological framework used for the comparative investigation of seed human relatedness in Peru, Laos and Mexico. In the SeedsValues project, she will provide ethnographic data on highland potato cultivation in Peru and develop a new thread of research into lowland intensive cultivation of rice in Laos.

Publications on Andean livelihood and flourishing:

  • Angé Olivia 2021. Barter and Social Regeneration in the Argentinean Andes (2nd edition with foreword by James Carrier), 224P. Oxford : Berghahn Books.
  • Angé Olivia 2021. « Ecological Nostalgias and Interspecies Affect in the Highland Potato Fields of Cuzco (Peru) », in Angé and Berliner (eds), Ecological Nostalgias, pp.107-125. Oxford : Berghahn Books.
  • Angé Olivia 2019. « Reproductive Commodities: Work, Joy, and Creativity in Argentinean Miniature Fairs”, Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology .84 (2): 241-262
  • Angé Olivia 2018. « Interspecies Respect and Potato Conservation in the Peruvian Cradle of Domestication », Conservation and Society (Special Section on Affective Ecologies) 16 (1): 30-40.

Olivia Angé investigates potato-human relatedness in the communities of the Pisac Department, Province of Cuzco.