Written Storage of Potatoes’ Life

Potato Shooting

In June, Olivia and Thierry travelled to the Potato Park (Cuzco, Peru) for the first subversive seeds catalogue fieldwork. They collaborated with Jessica Villacorta, Enrique, Aniceto Ccoyo, Lino Mamani, Mariano Sutta, Daniel, Ricardina, Cipriano, Basilio, and Nazario Quispe who have selected the varieties they want to register is the catalogue, as well as the distinctive qualities they want to list for each variety. More than hundred tubers were identified by Olivia, Jessica, Mariano and Daniel; and photographed by Thierry, Lino and Kike. The selected potato seeds are now hoarded in a collective seed bank in Pampallacta. They will be sown during the next agricultural season to take pictures of potato flower to complete the profiles for the catalogue.