Author: Collective Volume
Dates: Under Contract
Venue: Yale University Press

Book Detail

Introduction: Olivia Angé and David Nally

Part I: Producing Tubers

  • David Nally: The Political Ecologies of the Potato in Ireland
  • Richard Scaglion: The Sweet Potato: Stimulating Agricultural Innovation in the Pacific Islands
  • Roy Ellen: Cassava and Colonialism: How a Diasporic Cultigen was Reinvented in the World System
  • Karl Zimmerer: Producing Potatoes and Tuberous Kin in the Andes and Beyond: Vegetal Affordances and Biodiversity in the Plantationocene

Part II: Living with Tubers

  • Marilyn Strathern: ‘A Question of Life and Death’: Imagining Tropical Tubers
  • Mark Mosko: The Sacrifice of the Yams: Yams, Human Procreation, and Chiefly Hierarchy in the Trobriands
  • Carlos Fausto: Could Manioc Have Been a Root of the State? An Economy of Grandeur in Amazonia
  • Nancy Ries: Potatoes, Politics, and War: Household Potato Growing across Postsocialist Eurasia

Part III: Knowing Tubers

  • Olivia Angé: Reclaiming Tuberous Kin. Interspecies Poetry and Potato Cosmopolitics in the Peruvian Center of Domestication
  • Lewis Daly: The Living Gift: Cultivating Landscapes of Memory in Indigenous Amazonia
  • James Leach: Knowledge, and its Limits, in a Rai Coast Garden
  • Gerry Kearns and Karen Til: Tuberous Epistemologies: Persons, Precarities and Potatoes in Art